It’s Not All Fun and Games

Another one bites the dust. Granny got a message last week from Mike, a silver fox who wrote, “You have very cute grandkids,” in his message. Naturally we both liked him.

Mike has an MBA from Harvard, lives in Palm Beach, originally from the Northeast, an avid eater, passionate traveler, and highly capable of composing a lively profile. Granny was swooning. We agonized for twenty minutes over what to write in her reply. Should she make him wait a few days? Should she be witty or provocative? Should she compliment his grandkids even though they didn’t look as cute as hers?

We kept it short, sweet, and sassy just like Granny. She included her number and then the waiting game began. Two days went by and no word from Mike. Trying to avoid any hurt feelings Granny was prepared to write him off, “Probably fell off his wheelchair and died,” she concluded.

I explained that it’s a 2011 world and given that he provided his number there was no shame in giving him a bell. After lots of pouting she sucked it up and took the plunge. They played a quick game of phone tag before she finally got him on the phone. Below is the message she left me giving a brief recap.


When we spoke she said, “It’s not all fun and games kid. Old people carry a lot of baggage and reservations that make this whole process quite difficult. Let’s face it, they get their juices running on the computer because they can’t do it in real life.”

She does get a lot of messages from random men in faraway states like Washington and North Dakota, clearly they aren’t looking for a viable relationship with a senior in South Florida.

I’m really feeling for my Granny. She is such a rare fireball of fun and beauty it’s bugging me that she hasn’t found anyone who gets to experience her yet.  I have to admire her positive attitude, when I asked her if she was going to give up she said, “What are ya calling me a loser? Give me a break. No way. For every fifty guys you get I’ll get one, I’ll go with the flow, weed out the strange ones, and see where this all goes.” That’s my Granny.

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  1. I must say that I totally agree with you! Your posts are great but the sidebar sometimes doesn’t show. Maybe you can look into that! Cheers!

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