One-Way Highway

Chatty Pants strikes again! Granny is going for round two with Tim tomorrow night. He’s a total flirt, which Granny says repulses her… I don’t buy it.

“He’s got a my way or the highway attitude,” she said, “I like the highway.” Granny’s fiercely independent and exactly the same way.

“What he wants is to go to bed,” she insisted, “The old man wants to go to bed. I don’t think he wants to invest in a second meal unless he gets some action.” Although it’s hard for me to imagine an old man trying to get frisky after a second date, Granny’s witchy intuition is often on point.

LISTEN TO OUR CALL: he wants action

I’m doing my best to get her to keep her options open and judgments to a minimum. Their date will either end in fireworks or a vicious arm wrestle.

3 Comments on “One-Way Highway”

  1. doctool says:

    Your phone calls with Granny are just my absolute favorite part of this “project”…..though the posts are terrifically well-written and vividly genuine so it’s a stretch to pick a “favorite” part among parts.

  2. helensadornmentsblog says:

    You must post how the date went. I have faith that Granny will stick up for herself.:)

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