Nurse or Purse

After all of Granny’s kvetching about older men I encouraged/bullied her into messaging with a younger man. A man in his early sixties who stated in his profile, “I do not have a strict age preference. I am interested in a woman who is attractive and interesting regardless of her age.” I thought he sounded suitable; he was open-minded, maybe he could be the spry guy she was looking for.

Things progressed into a phone call, after which she told me, “This guy is looking for a purse, kid.” I didn’t get it at first. I thought that might be one of Granny’s innuendos.

“He’s gay?” I asked slightly confused.

“No, there are two types of older gentleman: The guys who want a nurse and the guys who want a purse. The older farts need someone to physically take care of them and the younger gold diggers want a sugar mama to financially look after them. They’re shit out of luck because I’m not doing either.”

And the search continues…

One Comment on “Nurse or Purse”

  1. […] told him I had heard that some men online are looking for a nurse or a purse, the old fart got offended and said he has never heard such a thing,” she giggled, “Bullshit, […]

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