A friend of mine wants to set me up with one of his coworkers. When the potential suitor friended me on Facebook I accepted his request. I then found myself examining his profile with the same eye that I use on OKCupid. The two social media sites are strikingly similar if you think about it. Both have pictures and content that sell a person and represent an online image that they want to portray, regardless of whether it’s accurate to their character or not. The biggest difference is Facebook doesn’t state height… a shallow bit of information that I admittedly appreciate on OKCupid.

This morning Granny and me were chatting about my online men. “Ya gotta put yourself out there more. Ya know, in the real world. These online guys are fine and good but ya got the goods, go out there and work em.”

I questioned where I should be “working my goods”. The street corner? Whole Foods?

She suggested hotel dances, a meeting place for singles before the invention of Facebook, online dating, booty pop, or any other modern day wooing device. Her explanation: hotel dances

I’m pretty sure the current interpretation of the dignified hotel dance is a sweaty nightclub with a loud DJ, full of people air-humping, fist-pumping, and occasionally doing the party shuffle. However, I enjoyed hearing her tale of yesteryear, I want a man to woo me with his “really hot cha-cha-cha”. I’m going to take Granny’s advice, these goods of mine? I’m going to work them.

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