The Old Adage

Granny got quite a kick out of the concept of a “panini special”. After explaining the happy hour deal three times she finally got it. “Okay, okay, so you get the panini for nothing with the drinks ya paid for? Unbelievable,” she huffed.

When I explained his job description she told me, “When they have nothing else to say, they’re entrepreneurs,” she giggled, “They’re just entreprenuring.”

We both agreed it was impossible to know for sure Wayne’s story, background, and profession. “I go back to the old adage that a shrink told me 100 years ago,” she said, “‘What you really know, is that you don’t know.’  That you can count on.”


One Comment on “The Old Adage”

  1. Joanie Tool says:

    Wow is your Granny chock full of wisdom. Real world wisdom. You and she both are also giving me a refreshing perspective of older women in today’s society. It’s a common mistake to dismiss women past a certain age, as no longer having a drive and need for something more than just comfortable companionship. As a 40-something, this gives me great pause and a lot of hope.

    Thanks to you both, for representing smart, funny, vibrant, lovely women.

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