It’s Not Me, It’s Him

I’m great at justifying things. Eating boxes of cookies, buying that over-priced top, stealing a bottle of vodka – whatever it is, I can find a reason to defend it.

After my phone call yesterday with Granny I realized where I inherited this trait. When I told her about my date with Grant and how he neglected to ask for my number Granny managed to turn it around so that I was on top. Rather then accepting the simple fact that he may have just not liked me, Granny dug deep to find every reason in the book to justify his actions:

  1. “He may be very troubled. He’s stressed because of lack of work.”
  2. “He’s very insecure.”
  3. “He may have another girlfriend and he just came out to play.”

Click to listen to my cheerleader pumping me up some more: justification – convo

3 Comments on “It’s Not Me, It’s Him”

  1. Karen Moore says:

    Your post had me laughing … I too can justify and rationalism – anything, anywhere, anytime!!! Go Granny!

  2. doctool says:

    I NEED A GRANNY. Can I borrow her sometime? My skills tend to rest in the opposite direction…

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