There’s an annoying fad this week in my OKCupid inbox. Taking a spin on the typical “copy-paste” generic message that I often receive, I’m finding that men are adding their own hint of self-deprecation. Men of the online dating world: this technique is not working.

Hi I’m Travis. You seem fun and intelligent, and I’d like to get to know you beyond just what’s on your profile. Would you be interested in getting to know me as well, possibly over coffee or drinks? Please don’t ignore me like the other girls.

Hey how are you? Saying hello AGAIN hoping you skipped over me because you were so busy. -Matt

Time to roll the dice here. I saw your page and thought I should shoot you a quick note. I am an artist, pursuing acting in this fine city. Please check me out and write back if you kind of feel the same way. Have no worries if I do not hear back from you, I am sure it is just because the internet is no longer working or you died. -RICK

wouldn’t life be great if girls like you were into guys like me???… ahhh, *sighh*— -Ned

Travis, Rick, Matt, and Ned, no offense, but no thanks. None of you are Woody Allen.

3 Comments on “Copy-Paste-Copy-Paste-Copy-Paste”

  1. Eliska says:

    If they express that they don’t think they’re good enough for you how do they expect you to think so?

    So dumb.

  2. jjack says:

    Is this any better??
    Hey doll face, you sounds like an interesting person. Now fly your face to Chicago and I’ll show you a proper night out!!!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I had one guy email me: “I swear I’m a really good guy.”
    My thought if you have to tell me that red flags are going off in my head. Saw you and your grandmother on Good Morning America and had to log on to read the blog. It’s great!

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