Different Smarts

Granny’s dating jets are fired back up and ready for a ride. Sort of…

Last week she began messaging with Todd. Based off his profile, the guy sounds like a total catch. He is retired from NASA. An astronaut! The man worked on Apollo, a bit of information that I thought sexy but Granny found wholly intimidating. “This is a kind of smart that isn’t in my world, this is different smart,” she said.

Right before their phone call she turned up the drama and went into freak out mode trying to convince both of us why it wouldn’t work. She’s always preaching to me that I need to date men in different fields; it’s time for her to take a dose of her own medicine.

Listen to our chat:  pep talk

One Comment on “Different Smarts”

  1. TheAwesomeSister says:

    Ehh Hemm…I know something about the space program! I’m her granddaughter and your sister. I went to space camp…TWICE! Until I realized that I was too short and too short sighted, I had grand plans to be an astronaut. So, you both know someone who knows something about the space program. I think I’m a little insulted.

    I love the sound of this guy.

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