Granny had a good giggle when I recounted my date with Eric Hound Dog. She offered some encouraging words, “He thinks you’re nuts. I’ve got no doubt. Between ya weird ass pads, ya zodiac jabber, then ya call him the wrong name?” she burst out in more laughter, “Oy, I’m embarrassed just thinking about it. He probably thought ya were drugged. I’m your blood and I think ya may have lost it.”

I wasn’t drugged, I haven’t lost it, but it’s undeniable that I was weird. I guess Eric has a taste for the crazies because he’s already called to ask me out again…

5 Comments on “Crazies”

  1. Michelle says:

    You and Granny are cloaked in awesome! I saw a story about you on CNN today and decided since work was sucking, I’d go find this blog. I’m so glad I did!( So much for you flying under the radar anymore, huh?…Although, to be fair, the only reason a guy might stop reading the sports scores for anything, is to see if he somehow made your blog. Good or bad, they all love to see their names in print. It may become a badge of honor.. Lol…)
    Anyway, I’m 48, and as far as I can tell, the situations are ageless…but now, thanks to technology,women can view it all as a shared experience, and for me that’s some great support.
    I love the way you write (and date), so keep that up and between you and Granny, I may actually try online dating…again.

  2. Meg says:

    Saw your blog on today too…LOVE THIS. Your stories are hilarious!

  3. Isa says:

    I read your article on CNN and like Michelle decided to dive in and read through it! I absolutely love it, I think you and Granny are quite inspiring, courageous and down right hilarious. Thanks for sharing this experience!! I look forward to reading all about your future online dating adventures!

  4. erin m says:

    I saw your blog on CNN today and I can totally relate! I did the whole online dating thing for about a year and just met a great guy who I think is a keeper! I love how you are honest and talk about your dates, i kept mine a secret from everyone except for one friend who knew exactly where I was on each date for safety reasons. Check out my blog and you can read about the guy I found!

  5. Iva says:

    Whatever happened to Eric?

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