Dating Economics

Granny was visiting me in New York over the weekend. We were at dinner when she caught me texting. I must have had a flirty look on my face and Granny is too quick to miss a beat. “You’re messaging a man, aren’t ya?” she said, her eyes narrowing in on me like a detective on the case.

I tried to deny it but Granny wouldn’t accept any of my bullshit. She threw her hand over my phone and sternly said, “Scarcity makes everything more in demand.”

If there’s a building full of empty apartments the buying price is low. If there are only a few left and people are buying fast the price shoots up. Simple economics. The same rules apply in the laws of attraction. “Follow me I will flee, flee from me, I will follow,” is a French saying that a male friend of mine has often imparted on me. As soon as you pull back they want you more.

“Remember Prune face?” she began, “If he likes me he’s really playing his cards right.”

“I thought you weren’t that in to him?” I asked.

“Well I wasn’t, but now that I haven’t heard from him I’m liking him more and more,” she said. “If he called me now I’d probably have to stop myself from panting into the receiver and proposing marriage.”

I still sent my text. I’m not big on playing games but it’s refreshing to know that the same rules apply at every age.

I haven’t heard from the Bully since his foreboding, “I’ve fried bigger fish than you toots,” text. I wasn’t even sure if I liked him after the date but now that I haven’t heard from him… Urgh, why is Granny always right?

3 Comments on “Dating Economics”

  1. alisonjcolby says:

    he WAS a bully! I understand the curiosity of the game, but if he’s like that all the time… what a drag.

  2. A says:

    As a guy I can tell you that he is playing you perfectly. He let you know that he is promiscuous (let’s you know that other women want him, always important) and left you confused and thinking about him. I’ve done this technique many times and it works like a charm, especially when the woman is onto it (go figure).

  3. Oh, I’ve been there, trust me. This will be my first Valentine’s Day, however, where I’m actually in a relationship (it took me 30 years to come out, what can I say Don’t get me wrong, I still loathe the holiday, but at least it won’t be a bitter day for me this year.

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