Pigs Fly

I might need to call the police. Granny left me a message that makes me think there’s a good chance she’s been kidnapped by Match.com and forced to endorse their services.

She sounds equal parts confused and delighted by her phone call with Thomas. I’ve rarely heard such a charmed and open-minded tone in her voice. She said, “I had nothing in common with him, but yet I did.”


I know I should maintain low expectations but I’m already picturing them in matching pastel colored sweat-suits strolling down the beach sipping on bay breezes and shooting the shit.

One Comment on “Pigs Fly”

  1. […] slap an old man. Granny and me, both undeniable cynics, were actually excited for her date with Thomas. I imagined there’d be a dramatic embrace, maybe even some watering of the eyes, possibly a […]

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