A Bit of a Dude

I told Granny about Sam and his macho nicknames for me but she refused to believe it had anything to do with the fact that I outweighed him in size and mass.

LISTEN TO HER RESPONSE: granny chat.mp3

“There is nobody who looks more feminine or womanly than you do,” she told me. “That’s strictly his thing, don’t buy into his problem.” (I casually flip my hair and blush)

Who could ask for a better cheerleader? Contrary to her kind words, I happen to be wearing my men’s XL sweatpants as I type this. This is day three of me wearing them in a row. I’m alone in my apartment, but still. I feel a little bit like a dude.

One Comment on “A Bit of a Dude”

  1. Bethany says:

    1. Love the blog. I look for a new post daily.
    2. I wish my Nonnie was as encouraging as your Bubbie. I usually get the “Did you gain 5 lbs? no? You should probably lose it anyway.”

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