An Entrepreneur

I sat sipping my green tea while I waited for Owen. He was late but texted me twice to apologize. He also texted four separate times in the days leading up to our date to tell me he was “really excited to meet”. His gestures were sweet but the masochist inside of me was slightly turned off by his overly enthusiastic nature.

Once he finally arrived and got a coffee we settled down to talk. He told me there was a lot of traffic coming in from New Jersey. “You live in Jersey?” I asked. His profile definitely stated his location to be New York, NY.

“Well no, not really. I’m transitioning in between my parents place in Jersey and crashing on my brother’s couch in Hoboken,” he said.

“So you live in Jersey?” I repeated.

He denied it again, explaining that he didn’t consider Hoboken part of New Jersey. There’s a state line and a dividing river that says differently, but okay I let him take New Yorker status, I had bigger matters to uncover…

“So you live with your parents?” I asked.

“Temporarily, since July,” he said. He explained that he had been living and working in Argentina for the past two years and was back in the area trying to figure out his next move.

When questioned about his work abroad he explained that he was an “entrepreneur”, a five-syllable word he used at least another dozen times to describe himself throughout our one-hour date.

When I asked him about his career ambitions for the future, besides continuing to be an “entrepreneur” he told me of plans to study quantum physics, not for his career but for fun. He then began to break down quantum physics for me, like realllllly break it down. Although I barely followed any of what he said I was definitely intrigued by his intellect and impressed by his passion for the subject.

As our conversation progressed our differences kept surfacing. He’s into the sciences, I’m into the arts. He doesn’t drink, I work in a bar. He considers New Jersey New York, I do not. I enjoyed my conversation with Owen but I think our inability to relate on most topics was apparent on both ends. I kind of felt like Granny with the Walrus. He was definitely interesting and I’d probably even go out with him again if asked but he hasn’t asked… and being that prior to our date he knew how to operate his phone to text my number multiple times I think it’s safe to assume that Owen feels the same way.


5 Comments on “An Entrepreneur”

  1. jen says:

    hasn’t it crossed your mind that Owen is probably Mormon and that his “entrepreneurship” is actually being a missionary. Just saying… no drinking… foreign country for two years… no money to live anywhere on his own when he comes back…. He’s Mormon.

    not that there is anything wrong with that 😉

  2. Bear says:

    As a fellow entrepreneur, this guy seems kinda vague… He should be able to tell you something more about his line of work.

    Sidebar: After more than 2 years outa the game, I’ve just created my own profile on a dating site! I may not stack up to your height requirements, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got your apparent love for furriness & flannel covered. Distance may be a problem however, sorry to disappoint ;). Keep posting, I love hearing from someone going through the same motions!

  3. […] corporate job last year and has taken to being an “entrepreneur”, apparently this is a growing job title. When I asked what he was working on he told me he couldn’t share those details because it’s in […]

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