No Cooks in the Kitchen

After conferring with some gal pals Granny called me back to discuss further what she learned from date three with Tim, “There are definite differences between dating at 25 and 75,” she began, “This seems to be the standard. Men will take you out twice, the third time you take them out or better yet invite them home for a lovely home cooked meal.”

Although she was happy to have learned a new tip in the dating game she still won’t conform to the standard, “I’m not cooking dinner for any man,” she said.

I reminded her that she actually won’t cook dinner for anyone, including me. I have no memories of Granny in the kitchen doing anything more than arranging a shrimp cocktail from Whole Foods or making a bowl of ice cream. She insists that she used to be a big cook, “It was only later that I started buying things and putting them on the table.”

After guilt tripping her, she promised to prepare a nice meal for me when I go home, “You like chicken? Yes or no?” she asked. “I have a nice chicken dish, I’ll make it for you and you’ll like it.”


3 Comments on “No Cooks in the Kitchen”

  1. TheAwesomeSister says:

    Gran is a great cook. She taught me how to cook meat and even bought me my own pan. Also, remember the cookie baking extravaganzas she would go on?

  2. … and hence you have the title “the favorite granddaughter”. There was definitely no meat cooking lesson for me, instead of teaching me to make dinner she taught me how to make a reservation.

  3. carolcovin says:

    This is so cute. You and your grandmother have such a great relationship. I loved listening to the conversation. It’s fascinating what different members of a family remember. I cooked until my second son (11 years younger than his brother) was 3, when I went back to work full-time and my husband took over the cooking. My younger son thinks I don’t know how to cook.

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