Valentine’s Day. Ah, it falls into my too-much-hype-holiday category right beside New Year’s Eve. People put too much effort in glorifying or ignoring the holiday. Even when I was in a relationship it was a day I preferred to play down, it all feels too manufactured. I don’t even like roses! The best present I ever got was a necklace with “DO ME” engraved into it, but even with genuine love of a partner and the thrills of a naughty necklace I couldn’t get into the holiday. (Disclaimer: In my effort to not sound like a crazy bitter girl, I’m aware that I may be doing the reverse.)

I’m probably somewhat jaded; I’ve spent the past five Valentine’s Days selling booze in a nightclub. Who do you think goes out to a nightclub on Valentine’s Day? Loving couples? No. Warm souls? Think again. Crazy single people who feel they need to overcompensate by celebrating their singledom in full force? Yup.

I just asked Granny if she had any plans for the holiday. She said, “Well I already ate a brownie and it’s not even lunchtime yet. I’d say I’m going all out this year.” What a lady. What a Valentine.


3 Comments on “Valentine’s”

  1. Kim says:

    I would have to agree, I dislike this day for many reasons. I spend it working, and shared the rest of the day with family. It shouldn’t be just one day to share/express our love for one another, but everyday should be a celebration and recognition.

  2. From Moments to Memories says:

    I also dislike it, and not just because I’m a single, bitter, lonely mom. LOL. Just kidding. If Valentine’s Day had a “bah humbug” I would shout it out loud!

  3. Diane says:

    Well, if you really don’t like Valentine’s Day, you should do what I did. I made an Un-Valentines party for my girlfriends. Everyone had to dress in black. There were games too. One of them was to tell the worst Valentine’s gift you ever received. Mine was an umbrella in a brown paper bag. But that didn’t win! One of my friend’s, who has arthritis in her hands, received a pair of way too tight leather gloves from her husband. He was asked to return them. Then the following year, she received the same gloves again.

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