“HowAboutWe… go rock climbing at the Chelsea Piers?” was the date Justin suggested on the new dating website I’ve been checking out. Sweat, muscles, and a harness… yes, please. Although I love a cocktail, I was ready for a break from the routine bar date.

Justin stated that he was 6’3 in his profile. At this point I think it’s safe to assume that everyone’s height is minus two inches from what their profile states. I figured that if he was at least 6’1 there was a chance I’d want to climb up his limbs.

In his profile he wrote, “I’m quiet but not shy,” I pondered this a bit. I read it to Granny who kindly said, “You’re a loud mouth, you’re whatever the opposite of quiet is.”

We planned to rendezvous across the street from the piers. As I approached I spotted a tall figure standing in the shadows of the meeting spot that looked as though he might actually be 6’3. I did a tiny excited fist pump.

After getting suited up in some snazzy rock-climbing sneaks we took a quick class with a group of other novice climbers. Sometimes men can look awkward in gym shorts, Justin definitely did not look awkward in his.

In the lulls between taking turns to climb with the other people in our group we had time to chat. I got what he meant by “quiet but not shy”. He was cerebral, very intelligent, mellow, not a loud overly chatty type.

We talked about music, art, and theater. His tastes were more refined and specific than mine. He likes obscure artists from World War II, bands I’ve never heard of, and shows I’ve never seen. When we talked about Halloween weekend he told me about going to the opera and I told him about dressing up as Robyn the Swedish pop star.

We’re very different but at the same time we were able to relate to each other. His chilled out vibes were contagious. I felt laid back and totally engaged by him. So laid back that when the combination of the harness and climbing maneuvers contorted my spandex into a severe camel toe I only turned a rosy shade of pink rather than a deep beet-red.

It’s hard to look sexy when you’re straddling a rock wall, scraping your limbs, slipping off and then colliding back into the wall, but I tried my best. Being that he was so tall, Justin was the star climber of the group. Watching him climb gave me great insight to his strength, dexterity, and sweat levels. The other climbers in the class watched him with envy; I proudly shot back a look that said, “Back off babes, he’s with me.”

He walked me to the train, we hugged, then made plans to get drinks next week. If things go well maybe we’ll be mounting more than just rock walls.  (Kidding. Not kidding. Kidding…)

2 Comments on “Mounting”

  1. helensadornmentsblog says:

    This cracked me up! Good luck with Drinks next week.

  2. […] Maybe it was his overt display of masculinity. Maybe it was the exercise endorphins my body was releasing. Maybe it was the excitement of something new. Or maybe it was his gym shorts. Whatever it was, it wasn’t there on our second date. […]

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